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Welcome to the Vista Blog where I hope you will find interesting tidbits about life here at the Vista as well fun things to do and see around Cape Ann.
We have some great ideas to share but I thought I would start today with some introductions.  Meet Eddy and Dewey.
Eddy and Dewey when Dewey was a little puppy.

Eddy and Dewey when Dewey was a little puppy.

Dewey (the black and white pup) is a Tibetan Terrier and loves to run on Good Harbor beach and play with Eddy.  He’s a clutz with a ball but he does love his stuffed monkey.  Dewey came to us in 2009 as a 10-week old, adorable puppy. Eddy has a bit of  a history, he is a rescue that came to us in 2008 when he was about a year and a half old.  Fully grown and a whopping nine pounds!  Eddy was rescued along with ninety (yes 90!) other dogs in a house on the South Shore.  The woman who rented the house operating a puppy mill and selling a variety of poodle mix dogs. Luckily, the Animal Rescue League in Boston removed all of the dogs and found foster homes for them while they were brought back to good health.   Eddy is most likely a poodle/terrier mix but we think he could be Havanese as well.  Eddy is my lovebug and adores being held and/or sitting on a lap. Our buddy Eddy  
Big Boy Dewey

Dewey and Eddy like to hang out in my office while they wait for the next guest to greet.

Dewey and Eddy are very popular with our guests, especially kids and those guests who had to leave their dogs at home.  It’s not unusual to find someone in the office asking if Dewey and Eddy are around so that they can say hi or play.  Young and old, they all love seeing the boys.
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