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Anticipating Summer

  1. Aerial Shot of the Vista
  2. Bathroom 2 Front
Summer will be here in no time and we are busy getting things painted and cleaned and turned over and all the rest of the spring cleaning that along with a seasonal operation.  We are putting irons and ironing boards in the rooms this year, the difficult thing has been deciding where and how hang them.  There are closets without doors in some rooms and just a hanging bar/shelf in other rooms, so it’s hard to install this utilitarian item so that it won’t look like room decor.  Not an easy feat in these 60′s-style (some would say dated) retro rooms.  It has always been a challenge for us to keep the kitschy feel of the rooms when all you can buy is modern and sleek.  We had to really search for just the right floor tile to put in the pink tile bathrooms in the Standard Rooms.  Admittedly, we did change out the pink toilets and sinks a few years ago when we updated for nice, plain white.  Bathroom 2 Front   The bathrooms look great now and I have always wondered if we didn’t make a mistake by not trying to find new homes for the old pink stuff. Photo: Renovations at the Vista are finally coming to a close.  The last of the carpet installations happen this Friday and we will finally be able to put the Standard rooms back together.  I can't wait to see them with their new bathroom windows, new sinks and toilets, new televisions, new doors.  Even the smaller details like electrical plates have been addressed and it really does make a difference in the room.  I'm working on some deals to get people in those rooms  and experience the changes.  I'm posting a shot from a few months ago when all the old sinks and toilets were removed.  I hope that no one is disappointed that we didn't keep the pink!  Except on the floors, we found this great, old-fashioned tile for the bathroom floor.  Come and see! But I digress, we are happily and busily getting ready for summer and anticipating a tremendous season.  Hope to see you! LD
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