Some Things You Might Not Know About Gloucester Whale Watching


Did you know that the World Wildlife Federation has named Gloucester one the best five ports in the world  for whale watching?  This is because of it’s proximity to Stellwagen Bank area where the whales come to feed.  It is a National Wildlife Sanctuary and a great natural treasure for people to enjoy some of the most unique animals on Earth!

Gloucester Whale Watching is unrivaled for the educational value of the experience and they have some of the best naturalists in the industry.

Some of the whales seen on Gloucester whale watches are Humpback, Finback (second-largest whale on Earth) and Minke.  And, it is also possible to see white-sided dolphins, basking sharks, ocean sun fish, gray seals, harbor seals and tuna.  Also, many pelagic birds (sea birds) that are not seen on land can be seen where the whales are feeding.

Did you know that a whale, living today, is estimated to be almost 200 years old?!  It’s been documented, read about Bowhead Whales.

As you may imagine, I highly recommend  a whale watch here.  So, whether you’re already coming to the Vista this summer for a beach vacation or thinking about a Gloucester visit in the future, plan on taking this trip of a lifetime.   You won’t be disappointed.

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