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Good Harbor Beach Parking

The Vista overlooking Good Harbor Beach…parking!

Navigating Gloucester Beach Parking: Your Ultimate Guide to Sandy Shores and Stress-Free Spaces

Welcome to the scenic shores of Gloucester, where the salty breeze meets the sandy beaches in perfect harmony. But before you sink your toes into the sand or dive into the refreshing waves, there’s a crucial detail to consider: parking, the often-overlooked yet essential aspect of any beach day adventure. Fear not, in this article we’ll unravel the mysteries of Gloucester beach parking, ensuring your day by the sea is as seamless and enjoyable as possible!

First off, the most important thing you need to know is that if you are a non-resident of Gloucester, then you MUST make a reservation to enter the parking lot of Good Harbor, Wingaersheek, and Stage Fort Park from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. If you show up to the parking lot and there is room, then the staff will kindly ask you to scan a QR code that leads to the Blinkay app where you can make a reservation. The city transitioned to using Blinkay to facilitate and ease traffic conditions for residents and tourists alike. With this system, there is no need to rush to the beach at 6am (unless you want to) because your spot is reserved all day. Along with the reservation system, cash is also no longer accepted at the gate, all reservations must go through the app. Another piece of information to make note of is that there is a price difference between going on a weekday ($30 + fees) and going on a weekend ($35 + fees) and that reservations are not refundable. Blinkay allows users to make a reservation up to 10 days in advance, which makes planning ahead for a beach day a breeze. The app itself is easy to use, needing minimal information to create a reservation. The app will ask for your license plate, state, vehicle name, followed by your preferred beach location and what type of pass you are purchasing, then finally payment information. Reservations can be made in less than 5 minutes at: https://gloucester.blinkay.app/. 

If you’d rather skip the reservation process and just walk to the beach, the Vista is the perfect place for you! A mere 10 minute walk from Good Harbor with free parking during your stay, including all day long on the day of arrival and departure.

2024 Good Harbor Beach Parking Update

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