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Image of exterior image of The Cut music venue in Gloucester MA with lighted marque sign with dates for music acts Willie ALexander (show date 1/13/24), Brother Brothers (show date 1/16/24), and Sunny War CPierce (show date 2/22/24).

The Cut

Interior of Shailin Liu in Rockport MA. A music venue where national and international artists perform throughout the year. The concert room overlooks Rockport Harbor. In this photo, it's sunset and the view out the window behind the stage is a purple, orange, pink, and blue sunset sky over the water. The interior is wood with wooden arches and subtle lighting. The venue is smaller for more intimate performances.

Shailin Liu

Good Morning Gloucester. According to Good Morning Gloucester website: "We have a very simple agenda here at GMG- To Have Fun.  To Make Friends.  To Laugh Every Day, and to Go After Every Win/Win Situation We Possibly Can." This is a black an white photo of two dancers dressed in "old timey" apparel to illustrate fun, perhaps.

Good Morning Gloucester.

Cape Ann is noted for it’s beautiful beaches, natural beauty, fresh-off-the-boat seafood, whale watching, sports fishing and myriad cultural and artistic attractions. Do we need more? Yes! Gloucester and Cape Ann can now boast they are a music destination, too. With the January opening of The Cut on Main Street in Gloucester, you can experience local and national talent along with an exciting bar and delicious food. The Shailin Liu in Rockport continues as the ultimate ocean-view setting for your listening pleasure. And there are many smaller venues and music festivals all around us from the Whale’s Jaw in Rockport to the Rhumb Line in Gloucester and many more in between. Check out Good Morning Gloucester for an up-to-date calendar of musical deliciousness.

Because the crowds don’t arrive until mid-summer, May is a perfect time to visit Gloucester. Come to enjoy the views, the walks, the exploring, the dining, and the music while you stay at The Vista.

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