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I hope this finds you healthy and well and only a little stir crazy. We are all doing our part to make it through this but I’m sure, like me, there are things that you desperately miss. I have been enjoying the company of friends via Zoom; there was the wine meeting last night, cocktail hour tonight, yoga on Wednesday and Zumba in an hour. It seems like I’ve never been busier!

My friends with young grandchildren seem to suffer the most, not being able to scoop them up and give a great big hug. I guess hugs in general are most missed by many. For those of us lucky enough, yes lucky I said, to have close family hunkering down at home, give them all random, long hugs. You need it, they need it and it gives you something to do with your hands..

Our friend Carl has created a fabulous list on Good Morning Gloucester of all the Cape Ann restaurant dishes that he misses right now. I think you will enjoy this!

Notice the time posted – I guess we now know what keeps Carl up at night! You can read more and get in on the list thing at GMG, here is the link https://goodmorninggloucester.org/2020/04/09/i-think-creating-a-wish-list-like-carl-mckay-stratton-did-off-local-restaurant-items-when-everything-opens-up-is-brilliant/

I think that I would agree dining out would be the thing I miss most. And not just the food, the socializing, fine wine – but the food, too. Especially food that I didn’t cook!

I’m including a pretty shot of Good Harbor Beach that I took a few weeks ago. Long walks on and around the beach are such a stress reliever. It is still chilly so it is easy for people to practice social distancing but when the weather warms up, perhaps a different story? With the warm weather will come a release, I hope. We will leave our homes cautiously, we still need to take care, but we will escape and travel to our happy places – our favorite pub, a relaxing yoga class, a hike on a re-opened trail. Where will you go first?

Be safe, breathe, and smile!

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