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We are quite excited about a movie that was not only filmed here in Gloucester (and a few other Cape Ann and Northshore locations) but also won three top awards at the 94th Academy Awards. In fact, the film won all three of its nominations: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

We’re talking about the feature film CODA, an English-language remake of the 2014 French-Belgian film La Famille Bélier.

Sian Heder, who wrote and directed CODA, chose Gloucester for its picturesque, quintessential New England, working-class vibe with which she became familiar during her summer visits while growing up in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Interesting CODA Facts

  • Heder learned American Sign Language in the process of writing the script.
  • She prepared for the film by observing a fish processing plant and consulting with the local harbormaster.
  • She received feedback from members of the fishing-industry nonprofit Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association.
  • She learned more about local fishing practices for consultants and a fisherman.
  • CODA supporting star Troy Kotsur made history as the second deaf performer to win an Oscar (the first was won by co-star Marlee Matlin who plays his wife in this film).
  • CODA means Child of Deaf Adults.

CODA Filming Locations

Filmed in 2019, several recognizable Gloucester, Cape Ann, and Northshore locations are featured including:

  • The Gloucester Fish Pier
  • The former Steel Derrick Quarry
  • Pratty’s C.A.V.
  • Lane’s Cove
  • Rockport Music-Shalin Liu Performance Center

You’ll find more Cape Ann and Northshore filming locations here.

CODA is not the first movie filmed in the Gloucester/Cape Ann area

Cape Ann is a popular location for filming both movies and TV shows. Discover Gloucester states that “Cape Ann has a special quality of light and amazing scenery that has been attracting artists and filmmakers for generations.”

How many movies have been filmed in the Cape Ann area? Our friends from Cape Ann Vacations made a list going all the way back to 1920:

    • Olive Kitteridge, filmed in Essex, Gloucester, and Rockport, 2013
    • Grownups, filmed in Essex, 2010
    • The Proposal, filmed in Rockport, 2009
    • The Perfect Storm, filmed in Gloucester, 2000
    • The Crucible, filmed in Rockport and Essex, 1998
    • Bewitched, filmed in Gloucester, 1970
    • Captains Courageous, filmed in Gloucester, 1935
    • Bride 13, filmed in Gloucester, 1920

See all the movies filmed in the Cape Ann area.

We’re feeling a bit Gloucester proud right now. Congratulations to all who participated in making CODA a memorable, history-making, award-winning movie that also captures the heart and soul of the Gloucester area and fishing community.

CODA Trailer

The central character, Ruby, an outcast at her high school, is the only hearing member of her family. She assists with the family fishing business which she plans to join full-time after graduating from high school. The plan changes, however, when her gift and passion for singing are recognized by her music teacher who helps her to prepare for a scholarship audition at Berkely College of Music.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, check out this trailer on Apple TV+.


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