Image result for new sidewalk on Thatcher Road gloucester maWe are so lucky to have wonderful views of Good Harbor and to be only a short walk away. We used to send walkers to the foot bridge to access the beach, a short 12-minute walk. However, last fall the city built a new sidewalk that keeps pedestrians safe with a sturdy guard rail. Now you can walk a beach “loop” and never have to retrace your steps. I don’t know about you, but I thinks that’s pretty impressive. I love not having to walk back the same way you came. It’s the little things that make me happy! The new sidewalk brings you right to the gate of the public parking lot in about eight minutes, depending on how fast you want to walk. I’m hoping to get some video soon so we can really showcase the beach walk but for now you’ll have to settle for a short description and okay photo. If anyone has pictures or videos of themselves doing their beach thing, please send them along, post on FB, whatever works for you. We’d love to see them.

Don’t forget – when you stay at The Vista you get the use of our parking and pool all day long on both days of arrival and departure. That means you can check out, leave your car (or take the car, you can still get a $10 off voucher), go to the beach and then come back and swim and change in to dry, sand-free clothes for the ride home.  It lengthens your vacation and who doesn’t like that?

In other news, we have been working on our beach cam. This will give you live video of the beach. So you can see how the traffic is (or isn’t) and plan accordingly. It might be just enough to prompt that beach trip you’ve been dying to take.

When are you going to the beach?

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