Vista Blog

  • Pool Renovation

    With the summer approaching we could not be more thrilled with the constant hard work and dedication the workers have been while building The Vista our new pool. We are so in love with the new pool so far that we wanted people to have the chance to be able to see pictures of what […]

  • We’re Back!

    It flew by in an instant but today we re-open for the season.  Already we have several reservations made by guests who just want to come and see the beach.  It has been a mild winter and because of that we will be able to start working on the pool again – hooray!  I don’t […]

  • Winter at the (Closed) Vista Motel

    By now you know that the Vista is closed for the winter, we reopen on March 4th.  What you might not know is that it is the first time that the Vista has ever been closed, at least since the Dows have owned it.  I’m pretty sure that the Woodruffs were open consistently through the […]

  • Just In!

    The pool renovation is coming along and we want to keep you updated!                                                       We are closing for the season this Sunday, December 6th. and we will be reopen […]